Dear Entrepreneur,

You will always have to deal with the unknown. Constantly you’ll have loads of questions bouncing in your head.

“How long will my business exist? Will it crash and burn soon, or will it take off and keep reaching new altitudes?”

“How profitable will my business be? Or will I lose all my investment money?”

“Will customers love my product? Or will I have to pivot because my solution isn’t wanted, or the timing isn’t just right?”

“Will I be able to give myself a steady paycheck? Or will the road be so bumpy that I won’t be able to even pay my employees?”

The truth is that none of these questions have a solid, reliable answer, even if your startup is built on great ideas and you’ve got all the necessary resources you’d ever need. Dealing with these unknown is one of the hardest parts of emerging as a new entrepreneur, and it’s what makes it even so exciting!

With love,