Dear Entrepreneur,

I want you to realize that success takes time, and it’s absolutely okay for you to be bored in the process. There’s nothing wrong with it because it’s natural.

Something weird happens in our brains when we get bored with achieving our goals. First, we experience an irritating and uncomfortable lack of interest or energy, but this feeling is often followed by annoyance.

We become bored with our lives, and then we start getting mad at ourselves for getting bored. So, we try to think of a way to not get bored, and the only thing we can think of, are the same things that got us bored in the first place.

“Kill me now!” We would scream inside our heads, or even out loud, depending on how mad we got.

From now on, I want you to begin viewing boredom as a sign of consistent, steady progress, and not a sign of stagnation.

Success is inevitable, as long as you’re doing the little things that you need to do every single day to succeed. So, it’s absolutely okay to get bored from time to time, as long as you don’t stop doing those little things that you need to do.

With love,