Dear Entrepreneur,

Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, the biggest reason why we fail to see the good in everyday situations is that we lose perspective on how far we’ve come. I remember coming back to Nigeria and seeing my neighbor’s kid who’d grown a few inches. I didn’t see him for several months, so, to me, his growth was quite apparent. But to his parents, the growth probably wasn’t noticeable because they’ve been with him throughout.

The point is, we have to start taking notice of the little, daily improvements that we make. Over time, this will allow us to see and appreciate how far we’ve come, and it will give us a reference point for where we want to go.

Have you heard of “The Seinfeld Solution”?

If you haven’t, then you should google it after reading this letter. Some of the world’s best thinkers use it to track their improvements and make consistent progress. It is built on the idea that doing something every day, consistently, programs you to make it a default behavior, and those default behaviors repeated day in and day out, eventually become habits.

Using this solution will slowly but consistently train your mind to start thinking more positively about the little wins you achieve on a daily basis.

With love,