Dear Entrepreneur,

Don’t get discouraged, even when others try to discourage you. It’s difficult to pursue your dreams when your family, friends, and teammates don’t believe in you. When the people that we care about don’t support our vision, we feel terrible and this can be very discouraging, but please, don’t be.

Whenever someone tells you that you can’t do something, that your goal is impossible, or downright laughs in your face when you share your vision with them, please, don’t get frustrated. Instead, try to train your mind to see their disbelief as a challenge. Let it motivate you to even try harder.

So, instead of saying, “They are probably right that I can’t do it”, train your mind to think, “Okay, now, I’ll show them what I’m capable of.” Every single time someone disparages you, take it as an opportunity to show them how strong your vision is, and what you’re made of.

It’s your sole responsibility to turn their negative energy into your rocket fuel and blast off into and beyond the skies. You’re so much greater than you give yourself credit for, so keep pushing forward. The strongest people I know, are those who have been through the most pain.

They say, “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, so keep building capacity.

You’re enough.

With love,