Dear Entrepreneur,

Embrace the “near-wins”. The hard truth is that not everything that we do will be a masterpiece, especially when we’re first starting out. It’s totally okay to celebrate the moments when we almost but not quite succeed at achieving something great, especially when we learned from the process.

Some people, including myself, celebrate our “near-wins” because we know that we’re a step closer to achieving that milestone that we so long for.

Depending on what kind of person you are, you can choose to see it as a “near-win” or an “almost failure”—you didn’t win and you didn’t necessarily fail, because you learned from the process. “Near-wins” are very necessary steps along our way to success. Failing to reach your goal can help you sharpen your game plan and strengthen your resolve to go after it, again.

The reason why I and some others celebrate our “near-wins” is that it makes us feel good about the progress we made, no matter how little, and it gives us the energy to try again.
 Celebrating a near-win gets us to focus on what we plan to do to address that challenge that prevented us from winning completely. It gives us the forward thrust that we need to actually win next time.

With love,