Dear Entrepreneur,

Take a few hours off work, or even a day, and go somewhere that will inspire you. In other words, disconnect for a bit. I love traveling because stepping away from the traditional workspace gives me a fresh perspective about the work I’m doing. I get to learn a lot about what I’m doing, and a new window of creativity opens up.

Working all the time, without taking scheduled breaks, could lock up your creativity. Take a break—short or long. You could take a vacation or simply call a friend. You will be surprised by how many new ideas that you walk away with. If you feel it’s not the right time to travel to another country, then you could spend a night at a resort nearby, or plan a game night with friends.

This could refresh you and your creativity.

For me, spending time in a new and unfamiliar place inspires and calms me. I find it really powerful when I separate myself from work, for a bit. It feels and works like magic for me. You don’t have to work all the time.

Take a moment and step out of the “dance floor” and into the “balcony” to reflect on the work that you do, and how better you could do it.

With love,