Dear Entrepreneur,

Try to keep your mouth shut, sometimes.

If you’re the kind that loves to share “insider” information about others, then, this letter is for you. If something was shared confidentially with you, as long as it’s not a crime, then, it’s not in your place to share it with others, especially publicly. It’s instantly off-putting and it’s a complete betrayal of confidence.

If you do this to your teammate, it could lead to them leaving your company soon after.

The truth is that if you’re not trustworthy in your personal dealings, very few persons will trust you in your professional dealings as well. And if people don’t trust you, they may follow you, but not out of commitment, but compliance. Every day, strive to be a better leader by building trust and staying open.

Don’t do terrible things and make excuses, or believe people will understand why. Try to be sensitive, ask people what they really think and how they really feel, and most importantly, listen.

With love,