Dear Entrepreneur,

When I’m stuck or struggling to achieve the goal I want, or when I want to accelerate my progress and achieve a more consistent result, whether it’s in my business or my personal life, I ask myself these questions:

“What am I committed to?”
“Do I have a clear understanding of my goal?”
And after these, the big question comes next:
“Why do I want to achieve this?”

I try to answer this big question with a deep emotional connection to my core motivation and purpose. This helps to understand why I’m stuck or struggling, or why I lack consistency and motivation. Everyone knows what they do, one hundred percent of the time, while some know how they do it. But very few people know why they do what they do.

I try to reconnect to my “why”, which is the core purpose or cause, or the single driving motivation for everything that I want and I do. Knowing my why connects me with what motivates my desires and actions. It gets me to connect with my purpose, and most importantly, it helps me to become and stay determined.

Knowing your “why” gives meaning to everything you do, directs and guides you, and most importantly, it motivates you. There will be difficult times—setbacks, failure, and rejection. Your “why” becomes your GPS, and keeps you going.

With love,