Dear Entrepreneur,

It’s good to be ambitious, but without a clear idea of what we want, or what we are going for, we can end up being lost and working non-stop without any clear focus at all. The only way we can be able to truly achieve our desires is by living them.

If we simply go through the motions—working hard every day, without practicing the values we hold so dearly, then we might find it very hard to be “personally” successful. This means that we might end up achieving great things that we don’t really value or want because there is a huge difference between doing what we should do, and doing what we actually want to do.

For example, I went to university because I was meant to and everybody was doing so, and this didn’t in any way bring me happiness or a sense of achievement. So, if you find a job that makes you a lot of money, but it isn’t a job that you enjoy doing, or a job that you find fulfilling, you won’t feel like a complete success no matter how much money you receive at the end of every month.

Success is in fact living a life with meaning, but not a life that others find meaningful, but a life that you find meaningful, personally. So, live your life, build your business, on your own terms, unapologetically, as long as it’s meaningful to you.

With love,