Dear Entrepreneur,

Prioritize making social connections, because it increases happiness. You might think that working is more productive than spending some quality time with friends, but trust me, you won’t be productive when feeling depressed, because it takes away your motivation to work, and your concentration.

So, create a “tribe”.

This could be fellow entrepreneurs, who are going through challenging times like you are, and can serve as mental support to you. It could be entrepreneurs whose businesses are in more advanced stages than yours and can serve as a guide to you. This could be your romantic partner who energizes you when you’re down. Some people think “love” distracts us from our focus.

But that’s untrue.

When you’re in a healthy relationship, it provides you with a secure base that empowers you to take risks, feel supported through challenging times, and ultimately bounce back when you fail. The most important thing is to build a tribe where you can share what troubles you, and get encouraging words and advice to keep you going stronger. Don’t isolate yourself, especially during stress.

With love,