Dear Entrepreneur,

Have an accountability buddy. This could be a close friend that you catch up with, regularly on Zoom or in person, to talk about your progress. It’s very helpful in reaching your goals.

This morning, I jumped on a call with one of my accountability buddies, Emily Baker.

She doesn’t only hold me accountable for my professional goals, but also my “little” personal goals, like eating regularly, taking enough rest, and spending more time away from my computer.

This helps me especially when I’m not feeling it, and has been an important factor in sticking to achieving my goals.

Having an accountability buddy has helped me a lot when struggling with productivity and procrastination, especially since the start of the pandemic and its many challenges. You can have up to two accountability buddies, with whom you regularly catch up, and talk about how much of your “to-do” list you’ve gotten through.

The aim is not to “do” too much, so you have a lot to brag about when catching up next time.

Rather, the aim is to talk about what you’ve not been able to do, and how best you can achieve them next time.

With love,