Dear Entrepreneur,

Tell your teammates what they need to know to get to the next level, even if it hurts. I was guilty of this as well. I found it difficult to tell others what I knew would be hard for them to swallow, even when it was the important truth to be heard. I didn’t know how they would take it, and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I would sugarcoat the hard truth.

For me, It was more of an avoidance strategy.

The truth is that “tough love” is always the hardest thing to do, but the best leaders do what has to be done to help others grow. More than anything, that includes wasting no time telling them what’s holding them back, even if it’s the hard truth that may be very hard for them to swallow. I have found out that the best way to do this: is to tell them the “hard truth” in private.

It will be much easier for them to handle it.

After a meeting, you could take him or her aside, and tell them when they are being a royal pain in the “you-know-what”. As the boss, no, let me rephrase that. As the leader, your presence might be sort of intimidating, even without you knowing it, so ensure to speak to them with all the respect possible.

This has helped me not only build great teammates but lifelong friends as well.

With love,