Dear Entrepreneur,

In 2010, a friend introduced my twin and I, to one of the top executives at MTN. “Guys, I will like to introduce you to one of the top 5 persons at MTN, and he wants you guys to build something amazing for him.” We slipped into our Adidas flip-flops, and headed with our friend, for the MTN head office.

When we got there, we were taken to the 5th floor or so. There were many people in suits, waiting to see him too, and I felt underdressed. He emerged. “I’ve waited for you. Come on in.” As we went ahead, I noticed the surprise on the faces of those in suits. I couldn’t tell if they were surprised he came himself to welcome us, or we wore flip-flops to see him.

“I heard you guys can build anything.” Without an afterthought, I said yes. He turned his laptop to us. “Can you build something like this for me?” I was staring at a Flash website developed by Disney, and I wasn’t familiar with building Flash sites, but I said yes the second time.

In 3 days, we read every material we could find, while building the site at the same time with what we learned. And Viola! We had “something like it”. Since then, I’ve always said yes to every challenge, because someone once said to me, “I heard you can build anything.”

With love,