Dear Entrepreneur,

Have you received attacks or harsh words from dissatisfied customers, or from people who generally don’t like you for whatever reason? Instead of breeding negative energy, try to evaluate what has been said or done to you.

Respond to it like this: “Ouch that hurts, but how can I avoid this from happening again? What can I do differently right now to ensure that this never happens to me?”

Do a deep analysis and re-evaluate your business and its plans. Since our businesses are often intertwined with our personal lives, this can lead you to make changes in your personal life and not only in your business.

Steve Jobs founded NeXT after he was criticized and forced out of Apple, along with several co-workers. Jobs was later welcomed back to Apple when Apple acquired NeXT in 1997, bringing Jobs back to Apple as a consultant, who was later appointed as CEO.

Pause for a second and think about the greatest criticism or attack that you have ever had to endure, especially if you’re in the middle of one right now. Seek out the guidance of a trusted mentor, and keep your head up. This will end up making you better, stronger, and more prosperous.

This too shall pass!

With love,