Dear Entrepreneur,

Have you heard of the term “big assumptions”?

Well, I hadn’t until I joined Acumen as a Fellow. They are simply deeply rooted beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world around us, and sometimes, they can be erroneous.

For example, imagine an employee came to you with a problem, but unfortunately, you don’t have a solution, and then you make the assumption that you are not qualified to be a business owner.

Of course, this is erroneous thinking, but we can easily be tempted to believe this, and it can become very overwhelming—leading to imposter syndrome.

It’s our job to identify and debunk these big assumptions, but this process won’t happen overnight, because change is not easy, but it’s our job to keep trying. So, don’t rush yourself. It takes a while for us to identify these errors in our thinking and practice better-thinking principles.

With love,