Dear Entrepreneur,

Communication. It can make or break even the most well-intentioned relationships. Make sure your communication is adequate, authentic, and memorable. This may appear very easy to many, but yet, very busy entrepreneurs who have millions of things to do or remember on any given day may find this very difficult.

I actually find “adequate communication” very challenging.

But when I try as much as possible to stay connected to other people, it works magic for me, because people genuinely remember you when and if you genuinely remember them.

For years, I watched my twin brother and co-founder endeavor to stay connected with the people he has met, and follow up with them personally. I always wondered why, but eventually, when people began to refer to me as “the other twin”, I immediately, understood why staying in touch makes perfect sense and worked magic—not only because I became “invisible” to people, but because my twin was easily the “most likable guy in the room”.

So, dear entrepreneur, make yourself memorable, endeavor to stay in touch, and always leave a great impression after every conversation.

With love,