Dear Entrepreneur,

When choosing a co-founder or business partner, find someone fun.

I know this may sound “crazy”, but it’s true and important.

You’re going to spend more time with this person than you will spend with your friends and family, so make sure that you find someone who energizes you and lifts your spirit when it’s down.


Your relationship with this person will be ‘pressure-tested’ day in and day out, over and over again, and there needs to be that element of friendship and unreserved trust you share with each other to make it through those challenging times and come out even much stronger.

Finally, don’t settle for partnering with someone whom you think will be good enough to do the job at hand—rather, look for that rare person who is ready to go through ten different failed business ventures with you, without any loss of passion and enthusiasm, until you eventually become a success story that others draw inspiration from.

With love,