Dear Entrepreneur,

You don’t need an MBA or a post-graduate degree to be successful, but there is a certain mindset you must cultivate to grow, understand clearly, and lead your business successfully.

But what is this mindset?

First, you must endeavor to learn from your failure. An entrepreneur who makes it big on the first try is a rare story. The road to success is not linear. The path is full of potholes, and the journey has many detours.

No matter how meticulously you plan, you’re definitely going to make a mistake. Maybe more than one. Believing that you’ll certainly succeed on your first try, may lead you to give up without a second or third try.

As an entrepreneur, you will face new challenges every day. You will find yourself on uncharted territory where there is very little research or data for you to make a sound decision. This is where the gut feeling comes in.

In a risky business, entrepreneurs learn to follow their instincts. And don’t be afraid of failing on the first try. It helps you gather new data to try again, this time, more intelligently and informed.

With love,