Dear Entrepreneur,

Nobody wants to fail. Nobody wants to make mistakes—be ashamed and embarrassed. Because of this, we all seek the gather the most information possible, and often create scenarios in our head that ensure what we are attempting to accomplish is virtually fail-proof.

While we are busy doing our due diligence, we simultaneously look for reasons why we shouldn’t take that chance. We may not realize this, but the moment we open that email, wake up in the morning, or enter that room, our mind is constantly looking for any excuse to justify why we shouldn’t approach that investor, or talk to that person we’re interested in.

“That investor won’t give me their money.”

“They haven’t invested in any business in my sector.”

“They won’t find my business interesting.”

“They have lost money before investing in a similar business.”

While we are preparing ourselves to avoid failure, making up excuses, and going through all the possible scenarios we can conceive, we’re spending zero time and energy preparing ourselves for what would happen if we actually did succeed.

If you want to be successful, why are you wasting time thinking about how much you don’t want to fail? Fear of failure is very powerful, but what’s more powerful is your focus on success.

With love,