Dear Entrepreneur,


Your best networking tool is a smile. Don’t underestimate its power when meeting people. When we smile, we signal our friendliness, openness to engaging, and interest in people. Smiles are one of the few non-verbal communications that translate between cultures. Common signs like a thumbs-up have very different meanings in other cultures (in Australia, it could be considered vulgar).

But a smile is able to communicate the same positive feeling, no matter where you’re from.

But does smiling have a positive effect on your business? Smiling creates a connection between two people — in this case, you and another person (client, employee, vendor, etc.). And one of the most important things in any successful business relationship is a connection. If you start your business interactions with a smile, you’re actually more likely to be in a happier, more relaxed frame of mind.

This will help you put your best foot forward in any business interaction.

With love,