Dear Entrepreneur,

Relationships are what leverages hard work into success. Every successful entrepreneur understands that forging relationships are key. No business grows in a vacuum, and the way you interact with your business partners, teammates, co-workers, employees, clients, investors, and other entrepreneurs can give life to your business, or bring it to its death.

Unfortunately, there’s literally no perfect way to build the right kind of relationship. However, as an entrepreneur, you have to be very careful about whom you build relationships with. If your business partner, biggest investor, or largest client is somebody that you cannot trust, then you need to ask yourself, “Is my business safe with this person?” Putting your faith in the wrong people can put your business in a very tight spot.

Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, try working with other entrepreneurs, instead of against them. You have to understand the importance of building relationships. Every relationship that you build is a connection that could help you down the road, sooner or later. If you want someone to help you, help them first. The more you do for others, the more they’ll do for you in return. Remember that you can be valuable to anyone—you just need to prove it to them.

With love,