Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you content with your non-committal business partner or co-founder, who isn’t really all that nice to you? Are you satisfied with the thought of living every single day of your life, the exact same way as you have lived it for the last few years? While being content with your current situation is good quality, being complacent isn’t, because you’re actually settling for less than you deserve.

The truth is, you really do have the power to improve your situation and change your life, but in order to do so, you will have to admit that you deserve and want more. You will have to task some risks, and though, you have a higher chance of failure that way, you also have a much, much higher chance of living the life you truly want and deserve.

If after reading this, you for whatever reason, feel like you’re settling, you should set aside some time to take stock of your life. Consider your business, your professional relationships, and the current situation in your career. What are you happy with, and what do you wish was different? Then, begin to brainstorm a few changes you could make in order to make your life closer to how you wish it could be. Focus on the good that could possibly come from facing your fears head-on, make the necessary changes, and every day, try to take a step toward progress.

With love,