Dear Entrepreneur,

Do not judge others based on their failure, or their level of success. When you meet an uber-successful person, you easily assume that they’re very successful because they’re incredible. And when you meet someone who has failed, you quickly assume that they must have done something wrong, made a bad decision along the way, or maybe they’re just not cut out for doing great things. But in reality, this might just be one step on their long road to success.

So, pay careful attention to how you look at failure and success, especially when it doesn’t personally involve you. When you meet people, try to focus on their internal qualities and the efforts that they put towards becoming successful. Do not assess them by where they are at the moment.

Also, do your very best not to compare yourself to others. It’s great to learn from the successes and failures of other people, but it’s unproductive to measure yourself against them. Whatever you do, bear in mind that everyone is on a different place in their journey, and that, their middle point may be your starting point.

With love,