Dear Entrepreneur,

Don’t hesitate to try out new things. When your co-founder or teammate asks you to try a new customer acquisition strategy, or a new revenue model, especially when the current ones still work, your answer is usually a quick “No”.

That’s because as humans, naturally, we prefer to stick to things we already know or things that already work.

As an entrepreneur, trying to stick to what you already know, or only taking on challenges you’re very certain or confident you will succeed in, can cause very serious consequences. Turning down new experiences simply because you are trying to avoid any possible chance of failure, will not only cause you to avoid taking risks but also prevent you from developing new skills and creating something even more exciting.

Does this sound like you?

Make it your goal to say yes when next a business partner or a teammate gives you an opportunity to try something new. Don’t say no all because you’re afraid of failure. Embrace new paths as an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Don’t hold yourself back.

With love,