Dear Entrepreneur,

Your word is your bond, so hold yourself to it. When you fail to keep to your word, not only is the brand of your business at stake, but your personal brand and reputation as an entrepreneur are at stake too.

Last night, while testing the Savvy Fellowship platform, before we officially launch it on Tuesday, we encountered a severe and persistent bug that prevented us from receiving or approving new applications after launch.

We tried to take a break and sleep, but we couldn’t. We kept tossing because it was less than 48 hours to launch, and we have made a commitment to open applications on Tuesday, and no matter what, we have to deliver. So, we stayed up all night and eventually solved it.

When you fail to hold yourself to your word, you could put your status as an entrepreneur at risk, and this could lead to the failure of your business.

So, when running your business, set yourself up for success by putting your “all” into everything that you do.

With love,