Dear Entrepreneur,

Learn to eliminate your distractions. The simplest and easiest way to improve is to eliminate your distractions. Do you want your software program to run faster for your users? Then, delete every line of code that isn’t essential.

Do you want more people to engage with the content on your website? Then, stop distracting them with ads and unnecessary buttons.

These choices have nothing to do with learning new skills. They are simply about eliminating the things that are distracting from the essentials. Learning to ignore, reduce, and remove the inessential choices can be just as beneficial to you as teaching yourself to make better ones.

Just because you can easily justify spending your time on something or doing something doesn’t mean it’s essential to your progress, so decide what is really important to you and eliminate the rest. This is something I’m learning more of lately. Simplifying your options immediately makes you better because it’s so much easier to do the important things when you’re not surrounded by too many things.

With love,