Dear Entrepreneur,

Take a short break.

If you’re constantly working, not getting anywhere, and stressing about the problem, taking a short break might be all you need at that moment. Try to step away from stress, even if it’s for ten minutes. This can refresh and calm you down. In fact, taking a short break now and then can even prevent you from burning out.

Don’t only take a break, but do something that relaxes you like going for a walk. I remember walking for four hours on the streets of Accra because I had a lot on my mind. It really helped me calm down. You can get some coffee or call a close friend. Watch a funny video or work out, as long as you don’t do anything business-related.

When you get back to your business, you will have a clearer mind. You will have fresh energy to tackle the task. In fact, stepping away might even open your eyes to a new and better way to complete the task at hand.

With love,