Dear Entrepreneur,

Let me start this open letter by saying that it’s okay to feel like you aren’t doing as well as you are supposed to. So, if you need to take a moment to breathe, or to cry, or to put your head down, do it. If you want to stare out the window, looking at nothing, but lost in your thoughts, do it without an afterthought. If you want to take a walk and clear your mind, do it without any distractions.

Take a moment to be grateful for everything that you’re fortunate with. Take a look at all the beautiful things that surround you, and try to be stress-free, even if it’s for just a fleeting moment.

Take a deep breath, and try to figure out what you can change, and what you cannot. After doing this, try to accept what you cannot change, and be grateful for what you can change. Become at peace with it, even if it’s for just a brief moment.

If you’re religious or spiritual, say a prayer to your God, for your restless heart to be comforted, knowing that your God is with you in everything. Don’t forget to be thankful, because a grateful heart will take you far.

With love,