Dear Entrepreneur,

Stop comparing the strengths of other people to your weaknesses. Often, when our self-confidence is not solidified, we create this vulnerable identity that is affected by the situations we are in and the people that surround us. When looking around us, we end up getting into this habit of recognizing how good people are at things, and how we fail to match up.

“Oh wow, that person is much better at public speaking than me. How can one person exude so much confidence?” Unfortunately, what we fail to realize is that no matter who we are, we are always trying to identify where we are lacking in life. Over time, this process literally trains our brain to disregard our strengths, and this places us into a reactive mental state that in the end causes stress and causes havoc on our performance.

It’s important to appreciate the strengths of other people, but instead of seeing them as competition, let’s consider it an opportunity to learn how we can develop our own skills and become better. This new perspective will relax your mind and help you regulate your emotions. Our brains learn from repetition, so doing this immediately and over time, makes it our second nature. Never forget the saying, if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re definitely in the wrong room.

With love,