Dear Entrepreneur,

Place value on yourself, and never let anyone make you feel lesser than you believe you are. People will never value you more than you value yourself. When most people go to retail stores without a price tag on their products, what do they try to do? They try to price the products down.

When the store attendant or owner says the product is five dollars, they try to bid it down to four dollars or even less. Nobody offers more than five dollars. This tells you that when you don’t clearly define your value to people, they will try to devalue you at any given opportunity.

That’s why some retail stores put price tags on their product, to prevent people from trying to negotiate and bid the price down. However, have you noticed that people don’t try to price down popular products with established price tags?

You know the price of a bottle of Coke before you walk into a grocery store, so it’s insane trying to bid the price down. So, every day, work hard to be an established brand that nobody tries to devalue or price down. As they say, no one can make you feel inferior without your own permission. So, never permit them.

With love,