Dear Entrepreneur,

Learn from losing, as well as winning. The sad reality of business, and life, is that there will be winners and losers. You should know that you’ll certainly lose some of the time.

It’s what you take away from the experience of losing — the lessons you learn from it — that will propel you to win next time. And even when you win, there are lessons to be learned as well.

One thing you should learn from losing is that it’s absolutely worthless to point fingers or blame others for your loss.

You should turn inward and examine your own performance, dissect your shortcomings, and see your failures and missteps as opportunities for improvement. And even if you manage to achieve victory, there were usually mistakes made, and areas where the performance could have been better, smoother, and steadier.

Every day, I work hard to improve at everything in my life. I’ve realized that losing is a temporary condition. For me, every day is a new chance to learn, grow, and succeed. Life isn’t a matter of ‘winning’ at everything, every time.

True success comes when you learn from mistakes and grow beyond them. As they say, “failure is success when you learn from it.”

With love,