Dear Entrepreneur,

While competition is a fundamental part of entrepreneurship, comparison can breed insecurity. Good entrepreneurs hone their competitive edge, and they use their knowledge and skills to their advantage. But they don’t allow themselves to get sucked into the comparison trap.

They have learned, perhaps the hard way, that constantly comparing yourself to others can mess with your mental game and cause you to lose focus. Comparison can ultimately degrade your performance.

Good entrepreneurs are concerned about refining their skills, and they may use others as examples of how to improve and sharpen their abilities. However, they seek to rise above others and compete at their own level. They strive to be their best selves, both professionally and personally.

They see success as something defined independently of the opinions of others. They don’t allow themselves to become envious of others or to see other people’s success as something that holds them back.

So, dear entrepreneur, focus on yourself, and on your dreams and goals. Stop comparing yourself. It is the ultimate key to your success.

With love,