Dear Entrepreneur,

You have to learn how to take a punch.

Starting a business is much like getting a puppy—the thought of being your own boss is intoxicating, much as the thought of holding and snuggling your puppy.

When you think about how happy you would be chasing it around, you almost forget about the bad stuff—like when it eats your furniture or takes a s*** on your carpet.

Just like a puppy, your business would need your undivided and unending attention, and there’s always a downside.

Failed business plans.
Economic downturns.
Countless hidden overhead costs.
Sleepless nights.
Demanding banks.
Lack of customers.
Early morning meetings.
Lack of cash.
Stressful weekends.

You can add yours to this list, and when you do, it will knock the wind out of you. All I’m saying is that you should start a business for the right reasons, and not simply because you want to be your own boss.

With love,