Dear Entrepreneur,

Help your employees. Running a business often requires taking responsibility for all facets of the business operations, even if you’re not the person on the ground getting the work done. Without minding whether or not it’s your direct responsibility, lend a helping hand to your employees when and where it’s needed.

For example, it’s not in my job description to code, but I often do it, especially when the timeline is too short and the workload is too much. You’re a member of a team, and though it’s not your job description to do certain things if you can do it, and you have some time to, then do it without expecting any extra reward.

Being willing to lend a helping hand to your employees, show them that you’re committed to their individual success and the success of the business.

Apart from that, it also goes a long way toward boosting and sustaining the morale of the team. The best entrepreneurs lead by example and aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and put in the hard work to support their employees.

With love,