Dear Entrepreneur,

They say, “Affirmations are a powerful tool to deliberately install desired beliefs about yourself”, so start your day with affirmations. The only image that should matter to you is your “self-image”—the image you have about yourself—because we tend to behave in accordance with it. The trick to making lasting change in your business is to change how you see yourself.

Wake up in the morning with affirmations. They’re uplifting and positive statements we say to ourselves to get the day started. Affirmations are even more effective when we say them out loud so we can hear ourselves say it—because we tend to believe whatever we constantly tell ourselves.

Do you know hating your own physical appearance can affect your productivity in business? So, if you (for any reason) lie to yourself you don’t look good physically, I want you to practice saying something you like or appreciate about yourself whenever you look in the mirror.

Say this: “Why am I so good at closing deals?” Phrasing your affirmations as questions work even better because our brain accepts positive statements in form of questions more quickly since it’s biologically programmed to look for answers to questions, even without analyzing whether or not the question is valid.

With love,