Dear Entrepreneur,

For many years, you’ve criticized yourself and it hasn’t worked. Why don’t you try approving yourself this time around and see what happens? Yes, it’s time to start questioning your inner critic. Many of us, some of the harshest comments about ourselves come from within us, via the so-called “voice of the inner critic”.

“No, I’m not good enough.”

“If I was good enough, why did my business fail, and my co-founders leave?”

“If I was good enough, why didn’t I get selected?”

“If I was good enough, why haven’t my situation changed?”

Do these words sound familiar to you?

If you’re struggling with low self-confidence, and these words sound familiar, there is a huge chance that your inner critic has now become overactive and inaccurate. So, start putting it in check by questioning it. Look for evidence to deny or support the words that your inner critic is saying to you. If your inner critic is saying: “You’re a failure,” ask yourself, “What evidence do I have to deny or support the thought that I am a failure?”

But most importantly, find opportunities to compliment, congratulate, and reward yourself, even for the smallest wins and little successes. Like they say, “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”

Approve yourself today.

With love,