Dear Entrepreneur,

Always think about the end result of whatever you’re doing right now. Ask yourself, “How big can all these get?” No matter how small or little you’re starting off, always have a long roadmap of how your business will develop over time.

Grow your business like you’re writing a novel—you know the end of the story and you know how it all begins—the only question is how will the plot go? How will you get to the end of the story from where you are standing right now? You know where your business is right now—you know you want to break even, become profitable, or even get acquired someday—the question is:

“What steps will you take to achieve this?”

At the beginning of everything, you may not have the right answer to this question, but don’t let that deter you from starting off, because everything will become much clearer to you with every single step you take each day. And even if you stumble, don’t throw yourself a pity party.

Get up and continue your journey, but don’t fail to identify what made you topple over in the first place, and try as much as possible to avoid them along the rest of your journey.

With love,