Dear Entrepreneur,

Define how and when.

There is a huge difference between what a goal is, and what a good idea is. For instance, you need to draft a business plan for your new company, so you put it down on your to-do list: “Draft a business plan”. A goal set down like this isn’t actually a goal at all. It’s simply a good idea.

So, how can you change that good idea into an actual goal?

This takes us back to my opening phrase: “Define how and when.” A good goal includes the description of ‘how’ and ‘when’ things should be done. Good ideas are like incomplete sentences—they don’t have enough information to stand alone as an actual goal. Powerful goals are complete and whole in every sense. Goals are made from good ideas by adding your how-to steps and time measurement for every step, so they can stand alone as “actionable” items.

Happy, goal setting!

With love,