Dear Entrepreneur,

Entrepreneurship is like the military—you’ve got to have no fear at all. Soldiers go to war, knowing fully that they may die and never return to their families, but they still go. The same thing for entrepreneurs—they start a business, knowing fully that they may fail—lose all the money, time, and effort invested—and disappoint their families, but they still do it.

The daily life of an entrepreneur is like a battlefield—the competition is trying to sink you, so you sink them first. Experience and funding are like ‘better’ weapons—those who have them tend to survive longer than those without. However, some beat the odds and come out winners. But for every case like that, a thousand others fail.

Knowing all these still don’t keep an entrepreneur away.

Attending military school at a very young age taught me to risk it all early and often. It taught me to take calculated risks and not to be afraid of setbacks. It gave me the mindset that I should do whatever it legally takes to accomplish my mission. It took away the fear of failure, because entrepreneurs are fighters, just like soldiers.

So, fighter, keep fighting.

With love,