Dear Entrepreneur,

Don’t let the law of diminishing returns affect your sense of gratitude and appreciation of progress. You know, the economic law that demonstrates that as you get more of something, it becomes less valuable to you. It applies to our real life as well.

Remember how it felt getting your first paying customer? The incredible rush and exciting feeling! But then you got 100 paying customers and adding one more doesn’t seem to give you the same thrill again.

Remember when you made your first monthly profit of $1,000? It was a big deal! But then you made $100,000 in profit last month, and adding another $1,000 to it doesn’t seem to be of any significance to you.

Remember the first award you won or the first fellowship you got accepted into? But now you have four awards and five fellowships, and adding another doesn’t give you that sweet feeling anymore. It all meant a lot in the beginning, but less and lesser over time.

So try, no matter how hard it seems, to appreciate every single step along the way, no matter how far you’ve come. People wonder why successful people are the most depressed. Well, it’s because nothing excites them anymore. So, I urge you today to find excitement in the little things, especially when you’re standing at the top.

With love,