Dear Entrepreneur,

No matter what you do, in business, keep moving.

As an entrepreneur, you have to view disappointments as new opportunities to refine your business goals, ideas, strategies, operations, and plans. Learn from letdowns, acquire wisdom from setbacks and challenges, and from these, draw inspiration on what you need to do to step up to the plate and take another swing at what you want, but this time with a clearer and more defined direction.

Quitting is easy. In fact, it’s the easiest and quickest route you can take. But that’s if you want to get out and not get through. And since you want to get through, quitting isn’t an option for you. Quitting helps you avoid feeling bad or taking responsibility for the frustrations you experience in the business. However, it leaves you full of regrets.

To avoid regrets, do not entertain blame or play the victim. You have to trust that whatever you have lost will be replaced eventually by something good or even better, and power on!

With love,