Dear Entrepreneur,

Help your team members enjoy working at your company. You don’t need a pool table or no dress code policy to make working fun for them. You can make the workday more enjoyable for your team members with things like surprise lunch outings, or even just casual conversations with your team members.

Help them enjoy coming to work, and they will do their very best work for your business.

If a team member doesn’t agree with your management style or doesn’t like the direction you are taking the business, don’t silence that person. Instead, listen to them. Ask your entire team questions like:

What do you think of this?
How do you feel about that?

These kinds of questions create an open dialogue, and open dialogue makes it easier to proactively identify problems.

Ensure to work together with your team members to create a mutually beneficial work environment. It will also make them feel appreciated and acknowledged. And again, this will make them do their very best work for your business.

With love,