Dear Entrepreneur,

You should set trends, and not follow them.

It’s a much easier journey to copy a successful entrepreneur and become a duplicate. You’ve seen it works for them and figured you will get the same results if you do exactly what they do. Everywhere you look, especially on the Internet, you’ll see carbon copies of successful people, not just entrepreneurs.

True entrepreneurs don’t want to be like every other successful entrepreneur. They don’t accept commonly voiced advice or opinion as “law” or the “norm”. They look for new, innovative, and original ways to build their personal and business brands; and to engage and reach their present and potential customers respectively.

I love to say, “Be yourself, and if that leads to failure, that’s fine. At least you failed your own way, and not someone else’s way.” True entrepreneurs shape what success means to them. They don’t just copy it. They set their own values and live by them. They see what works and figure out how they can add their unique spin to it. In a world full of duplicates, people are looking for what stands out.

Stand out, so it’s you they find.

With love,