Dear Entrepreneur,

D’you want to be successful at what you do? Have fun while doing it. Seriously. You’re going to work for crazy hours, and if you don’t have fun doing so, you’ll get burned out quickly. So, I’ll say this, “When it stops being fun, stop and do something different.”

If you want an incredibly fulfilling career, you should enjoy every bit of the journey. However, not every day or month will be a blast or breeze. There’ll be several challenges you would rather not want to deal with but have to. There’ll be external factors beyond your control, and they’ll affect your work in ways you can’t ignore. There’ll be tough times.

But when making important business decisions, you’ve to think long-term. I know you have to make some compromises if you want to be financially successful, live a happy life, and have a fulfilling career. Nothing good comes without sacrifice, however, you can achieve everything and still have fun doing it.

You’ve to set your priorities and stay focused on accomplishing every task. You’ve to work hard and become very good at what you do. You’ve to meet your commitments and responsibilities, and make sure whatever you do for a living is ‘marketable’. This is a lot, so you now understand why you need to have fun while doing it.

With love,