Dear Entrepreneur,

I want to take you through a mind journey. Start by imagining a world where more than half of its people are able to do what they truly love and enjoy doing the most, without external influences. Now imagine a world where everyone isn’t trying to fit into round holes while being square pegs. Focus on that mental image you have in your head.

Isn’t that a perfect world?

As an entrepreneur, pursue whatever you set your mind to. However, make sure it makes you happy. Don’t forget to pursue happiness while trying to succeed, else you’ll end up accomplished but unfulfilled. Don’t be that person that stands tall, surrounded by everything they had ever wished for, yet feeling completely empty inside.

This happens when you let people define what success means to you.

It is only when we pursue our own definition of happiness; what we are genuinely passionate about, that we achieve true success. The biggest lesson that entrepreneurship has taught me is that you should do you. Yes, do you. You need to find what you love, and don’t let others tell you what to do or love doing. It’s only then, we’ll find true happiness in our business and our personal life.

And that’s true success!

With love,