Dear Entrepreneur,

So, instead of waiting for the perfect time, why don’t you ask yourself these questions, “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” Sometimes, we need to take a chance on ourselves, and the time to do that is always now. One of the greatest lessons I have learned as an entrepreneur is that there is never going to be a moment when you’ll be totally convinced that it is the perfect time to start that business. We’ll always find ourselves procrastinating.

“I don’t think I have what it takes yet. I need to learn more.”
“I don’t think I have the required capital to set up this business. I need to raise more.”
“I don’t think my team is strong enough to execute our plans. I need to recruit more.”
“I don’t think my environment is the right place to start this business. I need to relocate to a place with more opportunities.”

There will always be an excuse or another. No more excuses. Start with what you know, where you stand, and with what you have, but with enough love for the problem you’re solving, and everything will come together and make sense eventually. When you begin to experience difficulties, which you certainly will, it’s important to stay calm, and figure out a feasible way to mitigate it. You won’t know what works until you try it, and many times, that could be a bit chaotic and scary, but that’s all a huge part of the fun of your entrepreneurial journey.

With love,