Dear Entrepreneur,

From my experience, I will say, “Don’t launch new products or services before the current ones are well-established.” In other words, “Be known and loved for a product or service before branching out into new ones.”

You shouldn’t introduce new products or services when the current offerings aren’t well-established in the market yet. Most times, launching a product or service will make the original product or service you have suffered, due to shared resources and time.

And if the original product or service isn’t well-established yet, you’ll end up in a bad place.

My advice would be to develop a particular product first, and understand clearly the size of the market you’re targeting. Make sure the market has a large opportunity for you, and then stick with that particular product you’ve developed until it can stand on its own feet before branching out. In other words, focus on one thing until it is self-sustaining.

With love,