Dear Entrepreneur,

Since the beginning of this pandemic, there has been fear and panic in most parts of the world. Sadly, we’ve recorded over 650,000 cases and 30,000 deaths, and the figure might be much higher when you’re reading this. It’s painful to see your loved ones fall ill to this disease. What makes a pandemic more frightening than nuclear terrorism is that we’re fighting something we can’t see.

Many have lost their jobs, and sources of income because of this. Many are afraid of their financial future. The pandemic is real, as well as the loss of livelihood for millions around the world. This has not only impacted the healthcare system, but it has affected family dynamics as millions cannot physically be with their loved ones during this trying time. Also, it has weakened the economies of nations.

Everything and everyone is being impacted by COVID-19.

This being said, this’s a time for empathy and not for personal gains. I see so many business people inflate the price of their products unjustly. So, I urge you to be different. Reach out to people you know and don’t know and listen to them, attentively and act accordingly. It’s a time to act generously. Give out your time, your skills, and yourself, to help others through this.

With love,