Dear Entrepreneur,

Starting today, begin to carry yourself with poise and confidence. People are drawn to confidence, and shy away from nervousness, lack of authenticity, and insecurity.

The way you feel about yourself will determine your ability to lead and command authority. Essentially, if you don’t feel you’re important and deserving enough, don’t expect others to.

Challenge the negative beliefs you have about yourself. Instead of focusing all your energy on what you don’t like about yourself, give equal weight to all your positive qualities.

Focus on your past successes rather than your failures. Don’t mull over what you’ve done wrong. It’s more productive to think about all the things you’ve done right. Reinforce these thoughts every day.

Stop always needing to be right. Understand there is nothing shameful about making mistakes. Stop looking to others for acceptance and happiness.

Learn that you don’t need anyone’s approval for your own happiness and self-confidence.

With love,