Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you trying to save money, or do you have a difficult time delegating? Waiting too long to hire, and rushing through the hiring process is one of the common small business mistakes that can significantly hurt the growth of your business. If you don’t hire the help when you need it, or hire the first candidate you meet because you’re swamped with work, you’ll end up with more work instead of the assistance your business needs.

Whether it’s using an online graphic design service to create your logo or pitch deck, force yourself to delegate small tasks from the beginning of your startup. This will make it easier going forward. Additionally, recognize when it’s time to hire a more permanent employee and be selective and careful as you go through that hiring process.

An equally expensive mistake, as earlier mentioned, is hiring too quickly, such that you hire the wrong team. Hiring the wrong team will not only cost you money, but it’ll start your business off on the wrong foot and hurt your overall morale.

Hire carefully and thoughtfully. Go through an interviewing process with everyone, even if you’ve worked with the person before or the candidate is a friend. Also, before you hire someone just based on skill, take a moment to evaluate whether or not that candidate is a culture fit. Teams work best when everyone working together gets along.

With love,